2011 October The Archives

Tuesday 25 October, 2011

Canada Cup 2011 Info/Teaser

WOOOT!! Canada Cup 2011 is coming up next weekend guys! (Nov. 5&6) I dont know if you guys have heard about the main event yet, but it is going to be the SICKEST thing in tournament history so far! We got 8 international teams competing for $5000 in a Double Elimination, Winner Stays format. Team […]

Friday 21 October, 2011

EightArc Fusion Stick

EightArc Fusion Fighting Stick This is a Fusion fighting stick with custom buttons and ball top. The stick and custom modifications are all available on eightarc. I got this stick about a week ago and tested it out at Wednesday Night Fights last night for the first time. Besides it’s amazing look, its functionality is […]

Thursday 20 October, 2011

Seasons Beatings: Velocity 2011!!

I know I’m a little late with this post, but I was just waiting for the lovely Karaface (@karaleung) to finish uploading her pictures ^_^ About my first experience? Seasons Beatings was AMAZING! The venue, people, and atmosphere were simply incredible. This is the last year that it will be hosted at MoMo’s apparently and […]

Wednesday 12 October, 2011

A Little History Behind Wolfkrone

You can follow him here on Twitter or Facebook (Links are directed to his pages) I asked Wolfkrone to do a short biography of himself and explain why he chose Viper. Here was his full response. Enjoy!: Name: Joshua (WOLKFKRONE) Philpot Main: C. Viper I chose C. Viper because I saw the sf4 trailer with […]

Wednesday 12 October, 2011

Seasons Beatings: Velocity

I hope you guys are ready! Seasons Beatings: Velocity is happening THIS weekend from Oct. 14-16. It will be held at MoMo2 located at 2885 Olentangy River Road Columbus, OH 43202-1510 (614)784-0888 The schedule of events is posted on Shoryuken.com A couple of MAJOR events happening will be the $1000 tourney for MVC2 sponsored by […]

Tuesday 11 October, 2011

AutoCon 2011 Saturday 12/10/11

Check it out! AutoCon will be hosted at Orange County Great Park: El Toro Field & Festival Site 6990 Marine Way, Irvine, CA 92618 on December 10, 2011 (Saturday). Admission will be $13 unless you use an online code that will bring it down to $10. They will also have a charity event. If you […]

Monday 10 October, 2011


Devastation was quite the interesting event! I would like to congratulate Justin Wong for taking first at both major fighting games, SSF4:AE and MVC3! Everyone in top 8 put in work and there were multiple great performances! Here were the results: SSF4:AE 1. EG Justin Wong 2. BT Latif 3. cc.coL Combofiend 4. cc.coL Mike […]

Saturday 08 October, 2011

Devastation Day 1

So.. I didnt make it out of my pools I went 2-2. I lost to Wolfkrone in winners and VicTheSlick in losers Oh well, Seasons Beatings next! There are the people that qualified today: MVC3 AM Pool: Viscant, Crisis AE 1PM Pool: Wolfkrone, Filipino Champ MVC3 PM Pool: Justin Wong, FC Andre AE PM Pool: […]

Friday 07 October, 2011

Devastation 2011 Stream

If you guys wanna watch, the stream is up right now! Theyre playing the first pool for MVC3 Watch live video from DEVEVENT on www.twitch.tv

Wednesday 05 October, 2011

New Section

I decided to make a new section dedicated to video reviews so visitors can read what’s going on in the video and my opinion on it before/while viewing the video ^_^