ClubRSX EOSM Wednesday 05 October, 2011

During this past weekend, I attended SoCal’s ClubRSX End of The Summer Meet. People ask me all the time, “Why are you a part of ClubRSX when you’ve never had one?” It’s because I was interested in one in high school and I ended up going to meets, meeting a lot of people, and having a lot of fun. Since then, I’ve always been chillin with CRSX members and I attend most of their major events.

Anyways, KSMatic hosted the meet as usual. It was at our usual EOSM/ASM spot, Thomas Burton Park. Kevin made some of his infamous kbbq short ribs and we had our usual amount of carne asada. There were a lot of new faces, I haven’t been around the scene as much as I used to 😡 So all the meet really was was food, laughs, football, and typical amount of trolling haha.

Great times though ^_^ Here’s some pics (courtesy of GregDeeC5):

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