A Little History Behind Wolfkrone Wednesday 12 October, 2011

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I asked Wolfkrone to do a short biography of himself and explain why he chose Viper. Here was his full response. Enjoy!:

Name: Joshua (WOLKFKRONE) Philpot

Main: C. Viper

I chose C. Viper because I saw the sf4 trailer with her fighting bison and from there on, I was attached to her. Her flamekicks and thunderknuckles were everywhere and it was amazing to see at the time. She has style to her which most streetfighter chracters didn’t have at the time. She seemed like an overall exciting character even before the game was released. That played a huge part in me choosing her.

I main C. Viper because she is my favorite character by far. She can rushdown and apply a lot of pressure without having to sacrifice a lot such as meter in the process. Viper is one of the few characters who is flashy and has good damage to back it up. For example, characters like Sakura and Dudley are flashy, but their damage is nowhere in comparison to Viper’s. Most people call my style lame or at least they used to because I would let the timer run down versus certain characters or run away towards the end of the match. With C. Viper, I don’t use as many mixups as some other vipers do because I make the mistake of believing that the opponent knows what I know (giving them too much credit). I know how to stop just about all of C. Viper’s setups and in a match, I sometimes hesitate from doing it because I believe the opponent knows how to stop it. That is one of the reasons why I play so basic with her. I also wanted to develop a solid playstyle with C. Viper as well. Although C. Viper is known for her rushdown, sometimes I don’t feel it is a tight-knit rushdown and there are ways to counter it. So in return, I play as safe as possible with her taking minimal risks until I get a knockdown where the factor of them stopping my rushdown is slimmer. My goal in the Street Fighter scene is to become dominant and win every tournament. One of my first goals was to become one of the best and now that I have accomplished that, I want to progress even more. I want to become so good at the game that only a select few would give me a problem at the game. I want to become the best!


  • Kaizy says:

    Yeah sorry, Wolfkrone, but the Sakura comparison is kind of moot. Sakura’s strength is her damage, and off a full combo it is usually ~50% life as opposed to Viper’s ~%40. Yes, Viper is a much more solid and stronger character, but give Sakura her dues in one of the only places she shines: damage.

  • GGslive says:

    WolfKrone is the anti-Mike Ross. Mike plays a lame character aggressively, while Krone plays a rushdown character defensively.

  • eventscrubs says:

    I want to be the very best that no one ever was,

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