EightArc Fusion Stick Friday 21 October, 2011

EightArc Fusion Fighting Stick

This is a Fusion fighting stick with custom buttons and ball top. The stick and custom modifications are all available on eightarc.

I got this stick about a week ago and tested it out at Wednesday Night Fights last night for the first time. Besides it’s amazing look, its functionality is just as great! It also has a felt covered bottom to prevent slippage and movement of the stick. It is also pretty easy to switch between XBOX360 or PS3. All you have to do is move a switch left or right. I let several of my friends borrow it to test it out and they all gave me great feedback about it. If you’re wondering how big this stick is, it is 15.8″x10″x2.5″. In other words, it WILL fit in most of the widely used fighting stick carriers. Also, there is a compartment for the cable conveniently located on the side!

The Fusion model comes dual modded for PS3/XBOX360/PC at $184.99 in only Ebony (Black). The other model is called ISO that comes in Ebony (Black) ($139.99), Onyx ($154.99), and Pearl (White) ($154.99) for PS3 and Onyx ($169.99) for XBOX360. They all come with Sanwa sticks/buttons/balltops and are interchangeable with other Sanwa sticks/buttons/balltops. There are also clear panels available on the site just in case you wanted a different look!


  • Rogelio says:

    Deshalb spricht man auch von Freiklettern (engl.: Climbing, Freeclimbing).
    Popcorn in Tüten – ein erfolgreiches Ges Die Firma G-Corn beschäftigt sich seit geraumer Zeit mit dem Verkauf von Popcornspezialitä.
    Festnetz, Mobilfunk max.

  • freddy says:

    It’s dual modded out of the box, thats one advantage, and a big one.

  • rey says:

    So is there ever a reason why to buy this over the Madcatz TE or Qanba Real? Seems like you’re just paying more for the aesthetics.

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