Canada Cup 2011 Info/Teaser Tuesday 25 October, 2011

WOOOT!! Canada Cup 2011 is coming up next weekend guys! (Nov. 5&6)

I dont know if you guys have heard about the main event yet, but it is going to be the SICKEST thing in tournament history so far!

We got 8 international teams competing for $5000 in a Double Elimination, Winner Stays format.

Team USA: Justin Wong, Mike Ross, Wolfkrone, Floe, Filipino Champ

Team Canada: Air, Chi-Rithy, ????, ????, ????

Team Japan: Tokido, Mago, Bonchan, Shungoku Neurosis, Momochi
Team Japan 2: Kindevu, RF, D44Bas, MOV, Kazunoko

Team Singapore: Xian, Leslie, Real Deal, Zhi, HZY

Team Europe: Ryan Hart, Evans, Louffy, Coungster, Andreas
Team Europe 2: Kenpachi, Starnab, Boris, Skatan, Problem X

Team Korea: Laugh, Infiltration, Zzangmoo, Naraks, Whitedoong2

This tournament will definitely put other countries and players on the map if you haven’t heard about them yet. Be prepared, this is the title for the Best of the BEST!

If you want to watch the sick trailers announcing the international teams, here you go!:

Part One (First 6 teams)

When you watch the second trailer below, CC tried to be a little sneaky here and only a few people caught this. If you pause the video at 1:26, you see the name Kazunoko flash underneath the “????” Is one of Japan’s best Yuns participating at CC2011? I think so!
:Also, thank you @creep23 for pointing this out, if you pause the video at 1:07, Momochi‘s name appears for a split second above “Team Japan”. Guess we have Japan’s two full teams announced!
Part Two (Other 2 teams)

As for the other events going on, here are the pot prizes:

SSF4: AE :$2000 Starting Pot, Double Elimination
Marvel vs. Capcom 3: $2000 Starting Pot, Double Elimination

Other games that will be there:
MK9, BlazBlue CC, Tekken 6, HDR, 3rd Strike

Venue fee
$40 Early registration
$50 Starts Oct. 5th 2011, ends Nov 1st 2011
$60 Onsite registration
$10 entry fee per player for all tournaments
Standard 70/20/10 prize distribution for all tournaments, unless we exceed over 300 players per game TBV

You can find more information here: Canada Cup’s Official Site
You can also follow them on Twitter: @CanadaCupGaming and facebook: CanadaCupGaming

Registration ends Nov. 1! DON’T FORGET! You can register here: Registration Site.


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