Canada Cup 2011 Exhibition Teams Wednesday 02 November, 2011

Hmm… I decided it’d be easier and useful to post all the teams participating in the Canada Cup 5v5 International Exhibition. The format will be Double Elimination between 8 teams. Here are the teams along with the potential character each player will use:

Team USA:
Justin Wong (Rufus)
Mike Ross (E. Honda)
Wolfkrone (C. Viper)
Floe (Yang)
Filipino Champ (Dhalsim)
Team Canada:
Air (Ryu)
Chi-Rithy (Yang)

Team Japan:
Tokido (Gouki)
Mago (Fei Long)
Bonchan (Sagat)
Shungoku Neurosis (Dictator)
Momochi (Cody)
Team Japan 2:
Kindevu (Rufus/Gouki)
RF (Sagat)
D44Bas (Dictator)
MOV (Ken)
Kazunoko (Yun)

Team Singapore:
Xian (Gen)
Leslie (Sagat)
Real Deal (Ryu)
Zhi (Zangief)
HZY (C. Viper)
Team Korea:
Laugh (Ryu)
Infiltration (Gouki)
Zzangmoo (Zangief)
Naraks (C. Viper)
Whitedoong2 (Dudley)

Team Europe:
Ryan Hart (Yun)
Evans (Fei Long)
Louffy (Rose)
Coungster (E. Honda)
Andreas (Rufus)
Team Europe 2:
Kenpachi (Boxer)
Starnab (Fei Long)
Boris (El Fuerte)
Skatan (Sakura)
Problem X (Seth)

I’ll definitely be cheering for Team USA to win this but it definitely will be a tough fight. There are a lot of big names and sponsored players coming out from around the world. However, the thing that is really intimidating is the people who aren’t as famous. They’re clearly one of the best players from the country they’re representing or they wouldn’t be on the team. They have that unknown factor to them that other players might not know what to expect.

What I mean is, US players have faced players such as Tokido, Mago, Laugh, Infiltration, and Air several times. They know how each player plays and are comfortable with it. Other international players that don’t usually come to US tournaments have the element of surprise on their side and could potentially catch someone off guard. It might take a round of experimenting and losing to figure each player out.

The matches that I’m excited for?

Justin vs. Kazunoko – Kazunoko, current winner of SBO, just came out with his Yun matchup list that can be found on Air’s Blog. It states that all matches besides the Yun-Yun mirror match are in Yun’s favor, including Yun-Rufus being 7-3 for Yun. However, Justin feels very confident against the twins so I would definitely love to see how this match goes.

Xian vs. All – I’m saying “all” because aside from the very few Gen players in the US, there has been no Gen in the hands of a top player. Xian, known for his top tier Yun, decided it was time to turn a new leaf before SSF4: AE 2012 comes out. In the Canada Cup International trailer, he talks about how this exhibition will be the time to reveal his Gen after working long months in the lab with Gen. I really hope he does well and show other Gen players some new goodies ^_^

Wolfkrone vs. Laugh – At Season’s Beatings, Wolfkrone and Laugh had to face each other. It went down to the last round with both players down to less than a quarter of their life. You can watch the match here. Both players played extremely solid but I felt like Wolfkrone got a little too scared of Laugh and his two meters. He lost a lot of his life to throws. Hopefully Wolfkrone devised a plan against this because I’m sure this situation will happen again.

Floe vs. Mago – During the money matches that happened at Season’s Beatings, Floe and Mago played a ft5 for $20. It went down to the last match, last round. Floe did drop some of his combos that were vital which eventually led to his loss, but this is an issue that can be dealt with. Floe has been training to make sure this will not happen again at Canada Cup, and I’m pretty confident that he’s got it down along with some new tricks up his sleeve!

Justin vs. Leslie – A couple days ago, a fellow Singaporean called out Justin on facebook stating something along the lines of “No offense, Justin is a great player, but I feel like Leslie would win that match”. Leslie is practically the best Sagat out of Singapore and could very likely be one of the best Sagats in the world. Now this match might be in Sagat’s favor, but you’re talking about Justin who claims he doesn’t lose to anyone’s Sagat. Since then, there has been a little friendly rivalry between Justin and Leslie so I’m sure it will be a good show.

Of course there are more matches I’d like to talk about but let’s stop here before I start ranting :p

Remember, Canada Cup 2011 is happening THIS upcoming weekend! (November 5-6) DO NOT FORGET! You definitely don’t want to miss out!

If you want more information about Canada Cup, you can check out their website here or follow them on Twitter (@CanadaCupGaming) or like them on Facebook (CanadaCupGaming)

Once the games are up and running this weekend, you can check out the stream in 360Phere
If you are interested in the premium version which is advertisement-free and high definition, all you have to do is pay a flat fee of $8.95! Just check out for more information on becoming a premium member.


  • Nhem Lee says:

    Really like how your telling the story between these players. Well done. Definitely excited for this tourney. Even more so after reading this.

  • techisoba says:

    not dropping combos since it will be played on a xbox360 and not on ps3, u fanscrub need to stfu!

  • SimSim says:

    Just wanted to point out that Skatan from Sweeden also plays Chun Li, and at his last tournament (Red Fight District) almost exclusively used Chun Li. Also, the latest rumours sais that Starnab won’t be able to go.

  • Silmi says:

    I don’t think Mago will be dropping all his combos at CC because it’s on 360 not PS3(unlike SB).. so Floe will definitely have his work cut out for him if he wants to beat Mago. I’m sure he’s seen all the Yang tricks.

    Too bad Poongko and Daigo couldn’t make it but it should be pretty hype either way.

  • geography_nazi says:

    team Europe has a British flag :PPP

  • hungikim says:

    Good stuff Sherry. I had no idea Kazunoko was going. Must’ve missed his name. This is going to be so hype I can’t wait! Being a korean-american, I’m rooting for both Korea and USA to do well 🙂

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