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Wednesday 23 September, 2015

It’s Been a While, So Here’s Some Updates!

Hey guys! I know it’s been a WHILE (two years to be exact). Just wanted to catch everyone up on what was going on with me. Its been two years since my sponsorship with GamesterGear. Well, I am still sponsored by them and moved on up a little. Now, I am the community manager for […]

Thursday 15 August, 2013

A New Journey Has Begun!

Whats up guys! I know it’s been a very long time since I’ve made a post on my site. I’ve been incredibly lazy when it came to updating my site, but what better way to make a fresh new post than to post about my new… sponsorship! It’s been a long journey for me, maybe […]

Wednesday 01 February, 2012

Mad Catz SFxT TE stick (PS3) w/ Gold Keychain 1/31-2/13

Hello! This is the next raffle for a Mad Catz Street FIghter x Tekken TE stick for the PS3. It will start today (1/31/12) and end February 13, 2012. As a bonus, every entrant will receive a free Mad Catz golden TE stick keychain! (Limited to the first 100 entrants) Here is a video with […]

Tuesday 17 January, 2012

Mad Catz Limited Edition Soul Calibur V TE Stick Raffle 1/17/12 – 1/31/12

Hello guys! Here is your chance to win a Mad Catz Limited Edition Soul Calibur V TE stick for the PS3! All you have to do is donate $5 as an entry fee to enter the raffle! You could also donate in increments of $5 for more chances to win. For example, $10 will you […]

Tuesday 06 December, 2011

Overall Canada Cup Experience

So.. I understand that I am about a month late, please forgive me! Day 1: Top 32 Qualifiers (Singles) I almost made it out of my pool =( I was sent to losers and taken out by Andreas, the Rufus player from Europe. They were quite interesting matches and were really exciting for me. Overall, […]

Wednesday 02 November, 2011

Canada Cup 2011 Exhibition Teams

Hmm… I decided it’d be easier and useful to post all the teams participating in the Canada Cup 5v5 International Exhibition. The format will be Double Elimination between 8 teams. Here are the teams along with the potential character each player will use: Team Canada: Air (Ryu) Chi-Rithy (Yang) ???? ???? ???? Team Japan 2: […]

Tuesday 25 October, 2011

Canada Cup 2011 Info/Teaser

WOOOT!! Canada Cup 2011 is coming up next weekend guys! (Nov. 5&6) I dont know if you guys have heard about the main event yet, but it is going to be the SICKEST thing in tournament history so far! We got 8 international teams competing for $5000 in a Double Elimination, Winner Stays format. Team […]

Friday 21 October, 2011

EightArc Fusion Stick

EightArc Fusion Fighting Stick This is a Fusion fighting stick with custom buttons and ball top. The stick and custom modifications are all available on eightarc. I got this stick about a week ago and tested it out at Wednesday Night Fights last night for the first time. Besides it’s amazing look, its functionality is […]

Thursday 20 October, 2011

Seasons Beatings: Velocity 2011!!

I know I’m a little late with this post, but I was just waiting for the lovely Karaface (@karaleung) to finish uploading her pictures ^_^ About my first experience? Seasons Beatings was AMAZING! The venue, people, and atmosphere were simply incredible. This is the last year that it will be hosted at MoMo’s apparently and […]

Wednesday 12 October, 2011

A Little History Behind Wolfkrone

You can follow him here on Twitter or Facebook (Links are directed to his pages) I asked Wolfkrone to do a short biography of himself and explain why he chose Viper. Here was his full response. Enjoy!: Name: Joshua (WOLKFKRONE) Philpot Main: C. Viper I chose C. Viper because I saw the sf4 trailer with […]