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Thursday 15 August, 2013

A New Journey Has Begun!

Whats up guys! I know it’s been a very long time since I’ve made a post on my site. I’ve been incredibly lazy when it came to updating my site, but what better way to make a fresh new post than to post about my new… sponsorship! It’s been a long journey for me, maybe […]

Wednesday 12 October, 2011

A Little History Behind Wolfkrone

You can follow him here on Twitter or Facebook (Links are directed to his pages) I asked Wolfkrone to do a short biography of himself and explain why he chose Viper. Here was his full response. Enjoy!: Name: Joshua (WOLKFKRONE) Philpot Main: C. Viper I chose C. Viper because I saw the sf4 trailer with […]

Wednesday 05 October, 2011

What type of player are YOU?

by Long ShadyK Tran (@shady_K ) There’s a subject I find interesting in the competitive fighting game scene that people rarely talk about — fighting style. Specifically, fighting style as in how a player approaches the game and how he or she believes is the ideal way to play. I like to categorize my top […]