About Me

So, who is Sherryjenix?

Gamer?  Mm… I’d say I play Street Fighter more than an average person (flying out to tournaments and weekly visits to the arcade), but I don’t consider myself as intense as other people.  Street Fighter 4 is practically the only  game I can play whereas other gamers play multiple fighting games. I’m just trying to be one of the best in Street Fighter!  Come play me sometime! ^_^
Car Enthusiast? I love cars and the science that works behind it.  Unfortunately, I do not have a platform nor the funds to do what I want to do.  I love both categories, show and track.  Therefore, I attend multiple annual car shows, weekly car meets, and some track events.
Food Critic? I’m not really a critic, but I am not going to lie, I am a food MONSTER! (I’m probably not on the same level as Adan Richmond though) Who doesn’t love food?  I’m going to eat all the amazing food I can, healthy or unhealthy, until my metabolism starts falling apart.  Then I’ll start watching what I eat 😡 Until then, I’ll let you guys know wassup with the crazy types of food I encounter in my life!