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Cross Assault Auditions ^_^

My Cross Assault Audition

Noel’s Audition

Shady K’s Audition

Neo’s Audition

Fanatiq’s Audition

Jago’s Audition

Super Yan’s Audition

Fubarduck’s Audition

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Jared Rea and Haunts talk about Team Spooky’s seizure of equipment, Soul Calibur 5 matches, Skullgirls being Delayed and SSF4: AE Ver. 2012 Changes

Me vs. Combofiend at WNF

Justin Wong vs. MCZ Mago at EVO2k11

Justin’s Audition

Marn’s Audition

Ricky’s Audition

Filipino Champ’s Audition

Flash Metroid’s Audition

Lexy’s Audition

Xian’s Audition

Zhi’s Audition

A dramatic character tutorial featuring Jill Valentine, created by Maximilian. Part one covers movement and mobility, assists and specials.

Me vs. Poongko at EVO After Hours

Fanatiq vs Combofiend MVC3 at EVO2k11